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C&N Camp Trunks are with you for life.


Hey, Camp Lovers!

Getting your child to summer camp can sometimes be a feat in itself. And it’s not just your child you need to transport, but all their packed clothing and gear as well. Do you know what container you’re packing inside? Among the various options available, trunks or footlockers stand out as favorites among campers and camp staff alike.

Summer camp experts Dr. Christopher Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski give us a special shout-out in their handy guide, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, “The trunks we like best come with a lifetime guarantee and are manufactured in Wisconsin by C&N Footlockers and sold by”

But is a hard trunk the right choice for you?

These sturdy containers are tough, compact, and easy to organize, making them ideal for the demands of camp life. But there are a few things to take into consideration before you hop on board the hard trunk train.

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Summer Camp Says So

First things first, you’ll want to see what your camp has to say about the container in which you pack. The camp's information packet usually specifies the preferred container, but if not, it's always a good idea to give the camp a call and ask. After all, the camp directors know best about the space limitations of the living quarters and whether closets, drawers, or lockers are available on-site.

Tricky Trunk Travel

Just because your camp allows for a hard trunk doesn’t automatically make it the best option. When choosing a container for camp, it's essential to consider how your child will be traveling. For campers going to camp by airplane, a suitcase with wheels may be the most convenient option.

Storage After Camp

Outside the camp season, lots of kids proudly present their trunk at the foot of their bed in their room at home and end up taking it along when they eventually go to college for safekeeping in their dorm room. However, some families may feel their homes are already too full without housing a footlocker trunk. If you don’t have the space for it when your camper gets home, it’s not a good choice for you. 


For whatever reason, if a hard trunk isn’t an option for you, our C&N Pop Up Soft Trunk or one of our many duffel options make great choices. Duffel bags can be easily folded and stored under a bed or in a drawer, keeping clothes and gear neat and organized throughout the summer.

So long as a hard trunk IS a viable option for your summer camp experience, there’s no better choice than our Traditional Steel Camp Trunks. C&N Camp Trunks can serve multiple purposes at camp, doubling as card tables, chairs, and even step-ladders to top bunks. Recommended by more summer camps than any other trunk, C&N Camp Trunks are the best packing container for summer camp! Thanks for reading and Happy Camping!


- John


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