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That was Then and Still is Now

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Welcome, Camp Enthusiasts!

Your camp stories truly shone in the 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest here at Everything Summer Camp! Reviewing your entries was an absolute delight. I'm now eagerly looking forward to sharing these captivating tales with our online community and posting each submission right here on the Blog.

We've successfully unveiled the ten fortunate winners who secured more substantial prizes, and it's time to unveil the remaining entries you submitted. In this post, we're featuring Angela R.’s camp story submission about her son’s summer camp stay. He went to Hidden Valley Camp. Read her submission below:


“A week ago we dropped my son off at camp. This was his second year attending, but the first year doing the full 4-week session. He kept telling my husband that he was 99% excited and 1% nervous. He couldn't wait to sign up for his classes and see which friends from last year would be in his cabin again. We were the first from his cabin to arrive. We walked around camp and he said it's like he never left. He remembers all the pot holes and rocks and where signs were last year. I completely understood. Not only was this his camp, but it was also mine. I attended 25 years before. It was owned by the same couple. Many cabin names and traditions remain the same. It's like going home. Every nook and cranny hold memories for me, and now for my oldest son. At home, we hear a song on the radio and I think, oh, that's a camp song. Now, my son will pipe up, "I know this song from camp!" My son and I have chosen very different activities in which to participate while there, but it's so fun to have some common camp experiences. The camp traditions that I experienced 25 years ago and remember so fondly have been maintained through the years and are now for my son to enjoy. He has been preparing his younger brother what to expect when he is old enough for camp. It brings me such joy to see my children love a place that held such a special place in my heart.”


That’s awesome, Angela! What a great experience to be able to share with your son (and his brother down the road!). It’s fantastic to hear how much your son loves his summer camp trips—99% excited and 1% nervous? I like those odds! Here’s to plenty more summer adventures for both of your boys in the summers to come. Thanks for writing in, Angela.


- John


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