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That Backpack You Bought For Summer Camp May Also Work For School

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Hey, School Preppers!

As I’m sure that your kids, department stores, and now online camp outfitter blogs refuse to let you forget that the new school year is right around the corner, I’m sure you don’t need an entire blog post to remind you to do your back to school shopping.

Today’s blog post, on the other hand, is about saving your money from camping gear you’ve already bought. Before you run off on a shopping spree to make that your kids are fully prepared for the fast-approaching school year, look through the backpacks, duffel bags, and other items you purchased for camp. Maybe you can use it again for school.

An easy one is a backpack. It certainly depends on the type of backpack that you went with for summer camp, but you might be able to get further use out of your camp backpack. You probably don’t want to use an external frame (or a backpack with any frame for that matter) for school—at least, we don’t recommend it.

On the other hand, if you purchased a frameless, normal bookbag style backpack for your camper this summer, it’ll be handy for the rest of the year too! Everything Summer Camp has a good number of quality bookbag backpacks.jansport backpack

We offer the High Sierra Curve as well as their Fat Boy. We have the JanSport Superbreaker. And after that we have the Kelty Redtail, the Kelty Redstart 1600, and the Kelty Shrive 2000. Anyone of these stylishly cool backpacks will certainly make your kid stand out of the crowd.

So put your wallets away for a minute and make sure that you actually need a new backpack for your kid’s upcoming school year. Maybe the backpack you bought for summer camp can be used for school too.

Well, that’s all for today, Camp Fans. Till next time.


- John
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