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Teva Footwear Company

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Hey there, Camp Aficionados!

If you really like discovering the stories and histories of the companies who work alongside us here at Everything Summer Camp as much as we do, then you’re in luck; today’s post features Teva—a footwear company whose shoes we are very proud to offer.

Teva (pronounced teh’-vah and not tee-vah for which it is sometimes confused) got its start in 1984 when a youthful Grand Canyon river guide changed the game as far as the footwear industry’s concerned. What this river guide did is he came up with the world’s very first sports sandal from the original concept straight down to the product itself!Teva sports sandal

From this conceptually impressive sports sandal arose the brand name, the footwear, and the adventure that started it all for Teva. And now, for nearly thirty years, this company has only grown!

For a company that’s foundation is built on product development, what else would you expect? The team at Teva stays pretty busy year round working hard to come up with new ways for you to get the most out of the footwear on your feet and the adventures you take.

Isn’t it great to know that there are companies like Teva out there who are constantly striving to perfect the products they’re getting to their customers? Teva knows what you require on your feet in order to truly appreciate the adventure that summer camp holds for you.

Water is as essential to Teva as it to life on earth! While presenting Teva with its own set of challenges and frustrations, water has also been what keeps Teva on their toes and continuing to develop the footwear they create.

Take a pair of Teva shoes with you to camp this summer season! That’s all for today Camp Fans!


- John
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