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Terrifying Trunks

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Spooky salutations, Readers!

Take a peek if you dare at our Halloween footlockers for the Harvest season. Keep the spirit of Halloween alive all year long within these spooky trunks—they’re great for storing all of your Halloween decorations, costumes, pumpkin-carving tools, etc. … until next year, that is, when you empty the tomb—err trunk!

Allow me to introduce you to our festive and terrifying collection for the Harvest season.

From cute to creepy to festive and freaky, these stunning decorative Trunks are sure to set the proper atmosphere for a party that’s a hauntingly good time! We released six deadly designs last year and have only added onto our collection this year with another nine!Keep this camp trunk out on display for the harvest season.

Choose among the options of festive Chevrons like the Candy Corn, Fall, and Pumpkin designs. We also offer trunks with iconic Halloween images like a wicked witch in flight or a murder of crows. But then, you can always go over-the-top scary with our Trunks like Bloody Hands, Dead Walking, or Creep Show. The choice, as chilling as it may be, is up to you.

Our Seasonal Trunks make for awesome storage pieces—they’re great for safeholding all your Harvest decorations for the fall season—but these trunks aren’t just for holding things! Don't mess with a murder of crows at sundown!They’re eye-drawing pieces of decorative furniture as well. And when the season closes, you can pack up all your fake spider webs and lawn ghouls and trick or treating baskets and pumpkin-carving tools and keep them organized in one, tidy trunk.

These seasonal footlockers are constructed the same as our steel trunks except that we swap out the steel for our DuraShell exterior and give it these frightful, high-definition prints UV-cured onto its surface. If these trunks don’t scare you too much, order one for your home right here and, as always, thanks for reading!Bring Halloween to your home with the Flying Witch Camp Trunk.

- John

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