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Tell it to your Diary

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Hey, Camp Fans!

You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to keep a diary or journal. In fact, lots of people who wouldn’t consider themselves gifted writers keep a book of blank pages by their bedside to record daily events as well as their thoughts and feelings about certain occurrences, relationships, and goings-on in general. So how did this custom of chronicling our lives start out and why did it become so popular?

Long ago, bound books of blanks pages weren’t so readily available to anyone and everyone—such material was typically used for more official matters. Journals were kept by explorers and sea captains for record-keeping of their journeys and expeditions. These log entries were used by the first captains to sail the seas of the ancient world.

Often times explorers were sent out on their missions by kings or other authorities of their homeland. Logs were kept so they could properly inform their superiors of what they saw and what transpired during missions. Historians would use journals to record the historical facts of the times for accurate preservation of history for future generations.

As the world moved on to more modern times, diaries and journals became commonplace items to find in homes. Much like the intrepid explorers that came before them, kids of the last couple centuries started writing entries in journals to keep track of their daily happenings.

But a curious blend began to take place that did more than just record the events in a dry, straightforward manner. It was a personal touch that introduced the inner thoughts and inner feelings from the author concerning the daily events they were writing about. This brought a reflective and intimate kind of connection to journal and diary entries.

Suddenly, these personal writings became even more personal as they contained secrets about who likes who and honest thoughts that kids would only share with a diary. These bound books were made with locks and keys to keep the written contents safely out of view from prying eyes. Journals and diaries started being hidden beneath mattresses, the back of sock drawers, top closet shelves, and other places that nosy siblings might not check.

As a means of aiding growth and maturity, we understand the importance of journals and diaries here at Everything Summer Camp and we enjoy coming across some hot finds that we just know we have to offer on our website. Take a look at some cool ones when you click right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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