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Taylor’s Time at Camp Mystic

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Hey, Camp Fans!

About a month ago, I started asking our customers and Blog readers to share your camp stories with us. We got nearly 30 entries so we’re excited to share them with our Blog followers. Everyone who submitted got $15 gift certificates and seven lucky winners got larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. I’m announcing the first of the $25 winners today—right now. Drumroll, please….

Congratulations to Taylor P.! You’re the first of our $25 prize winners for your Camp Story!

Taylor tells us about her summer atLook into this great camp for your daughter!“I like summer camp because it is lots of fun at Camp Mystic with all the activities like camp craft, horseback riding, drama, and swimming. In drama we did a play called Lizzie Mcguire. It was really fun because I was Fronkas’ helper. We also got to play some fun acting games. In horseback riding we went down some very beautiful trails and in the ring we practiced for a horse show. I had to carry a tennis ball under my neck and walk around a barrel, then a pole, and then another barrel with bucket on top to put the tennis ball in. There’s the same thing but with a bow and arrow and you have to balance it on your arms.

 In camp craft we got to tie dye t-shirts. I tie dyed mine royal blue, turquoise and yellow. We also hiked up to Sky High and saw the ‘Mystic’ sign there. There was a little shade area that was nice because it was really hot that day. We also hiked up to God’s mountain. You could see the whole camp. It was awesome! We also made banana boats and orange cakes. A banana boat is where you cut a banana open and stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate chips, then put it on the grill. An orange cake is where you hollow an orange and put cake batter in it and put it on the grill. I got a spoon full of batter for each time I massaged a counselor! They were delish!

We also got to see some cool animals. During instructional swim and free swim we got to go on some really cool water mats and awesome buoys. In instructional swim we did some strokes and we had extra time so we got to go on the water mats. In free swim we did water mats and the buoys were so fun.

That was about it for my activities, next is about the tribes. There are two tribes, Tonks and Kiowas. I am a Kiowa and I wanted to be a Kiowa. Kiowas color is royal blue and Tonks are red. How you get your tribe is you draw out of a hat and if you get a blue piece of paper you’re a Kiowa and if you draw a red piece of paper you’re a Tonk. Then the older girls pick you up and run you down the aisle and put you in your tribe. There is tribe hill and tribe period. Tribe hill is where you have a secret song that you can’t tell the other tribe and if you follow your tribe training rules you get your tribe letter and tribe period is where you cheer for your team. There are tribe games on field day and one of the games for most points is KT trivia. You have to study for it. Kiowas won that game this year and the other game is the camp relay race. Kiowas also won that game, but the Tonks won a lot of the tribe games. But the Kiowas won this year!

On Sundays you have church. On the second Sunday you exchange warm fuzzes which are little fuzz balls. Its about giving and not expecting something back. The food there is so good you get ice cream every lunch and you get dessert every dinner. When your parents come to get you, a buffet brunch is set up. You get two hours to rest, then it’s commissary which is where you mail your letters and you get to get a drink and snack. The counselors are awesome and the people are so nice at camp Mystic. It’s awesome. I cant wait to go back next year!”

Thanks again for your submission, Taylor! Check out Camp Mystic for yourself! Tune in tomorrow to hear our next $25 winner and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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