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Take Time To Enjoy Your Friends Today

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Hey, Friends!

Do you have any idea how important you are?—each and every one of you. How can you say that through a Blog post? you might ask. We’ve never even met! But I assure you, if you are reading this Blog, then, whether we’ve met before or not, you are certainly a friend of mine. And friends are incredibly important!

Friends are a lot of things. Sometimes they’re plentiful, sometimes they’re hard to come by. Sometimes they’re the best and sometimes they’re not. But most of all, your friends make a friend dayare the people who accept you for who you are and enjoy your company.

Today is Make a Friend Day (though, in my opinion, it should just be called Friendship Day). Make a Friend Day is all about appreciating the people you consider to be your friends. Whether it’s your best friend since the first grade or somebody friendly that you met today, friends are important to have in your life.

All too often we’re stuck living the busy side of life that demands that we work, work, work!!! But when you finally get a break, you’re definitely going to want to bend somebody’s ear. And not just somebody, but somebody who’ll listen and care about what you have to say. Somebody you can call a friend.

When you are blessed with the gift of friends, you don’t need anything else because your friends are there to help you out.

It’s just as that good-hearted angel, Clarence Odbody from It’s a Wonderful Life says, “Every time a bell ri—” wait a minute! …That’s not the right quote. *AHEM* “No man is a failure who has friends.”

So, with those very true words, go celebrate your friends today and let them know what they mean to you! Thanks for reading, Camp Folks.


- John
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