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Take Everything with you; High Sierra Daypacks and Backpacks

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

It’s the last day of April which means summer camp is right around the corner for most of you. Just about any summer camper should have a backpack that they bring to camp whether you’re attending a weeklong trip or longer.

The type of backpack you get depends more on how much you expect to be outdoors, hiking trails and camping out. For extended bouts outside that last multiple days, an Internal Frame or External Frame Backpack is recommended; but for any single-day outing or even a quick overnighter, you can’t go wrong with any one of our Daypacks from High Sierra.

With a High Sierra Daypack, you can get out there and do what you love to do this summer. Hike, climb, run, ride your bike, or just relax on the beach in total preparedness and convenience with a Daypack on your back. These packs are sure to carry your needs.

Because Daypacks are typically lightweight themselves, these packs are intended to be used for lighter loads than the bigger, framed backpacks—which is why they’re meant to be used for only daylong activities. No more than ten to fifteen pounds in these guys!

Daypacks are usually soft-backed and frameless packs.

High Sierra’s Daypacks all have a waist belt to offer you the proper weight distribution you should have when carrying weights that range ten to fifteen pounds.

The waist belts are there to allow your camper to walk freely without the pack load hitting them in the back with every step they take. Waist belts should be worn snug on the hips without overlapping the pads. This way the weight of the pack is focused around the waist and takes some of the load off of the shoulders.

Check out our Daypacks from High Sierra and be prepared for your summer camp outings.


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