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Take a Look at Camp Takodah!

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Hi, Eager Campers!

These unusual times find us all with a lot of questions, but summer camps across the country have an optimistic resolve about the coming summer camp season. One of these many camps is Camp Takodah in Richmond, New Hampshire. Knowing full well what summer camp means to kids, the staff at Camp Takodah is looking forward to the summer. As noted on their website, “This summer,” it says, “Children will need Takodah more than ever.”

Each year Camp Takodah adds a new activity to their exciting gamut of awesome summer fun like the high ropes course addition from a couple years back as well as the standup paddleboards last year. And for the 2020 camp season, Camp Takodah is buying Corcls!

What are Corcls, you ask? That’s understandable. These things with the funny names are colorful, round boats that are designed specifically for kids. They make for easy paddling, spinning, and maneuvering. Kids are sure to have a blast! 

Aside from Corcls, Camp Takodah offers other water activities such as Canoeing, Diving, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Water Trampoline, and more. Other activities they have are 4-Square, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking, Riflery, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Tetherball,  Volleyball, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing, Zipline, and more!  

Each cabin has 10 campers and two college-age cabin leaders who have been carefully placed with kids of the same age and gender. Campers are even welcome to request one cabin-mate if they have a know a friend from home or a camp friend from previous years. It can be a helpful arrangement for campers who are a little nervous about their camp stay.

Learn more about this fantastic getaway for your summer camp experience on the Camp Takodah website when you click here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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