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Concocting Your Compost

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Hey, Green Thumbs!

Or, in today’s case, maybe more of a brown thumb…every successful garden starts with rich, black, healthy dirt. Today is a salute to making your own soil! Today is Learn About Composting Day! Did you know that you can make your own soil? All you have to do is keep all your organic trash! It’s normal to lots and lots of people to throw their egg shells, fingernails, coffee grounds, orange peels, vegetable scraps, and so on out with the rest of their garbage on ‘pick-up’ day.

But if you throw these natural items away into a different space together—a compost pile—and let time work away at the properties of all those things, it will eventually transform into rich, dark soil. It’s trash, so it’s sure to get stinky; you’ll want to keep your pile far enough away from your house, or in a sealed container in your basement or garage.

So what’s included in compostable items? A LOT! More than I have time to mention here on the Blog. Just anything that is organic. Organic items simply refers to products (food and otherwise) without any added chemicals or artificial agents. Of course vegetable scraps and yard trimmings are natural. Candy wrappers and batteries are not.

You may be surprised at all the different things you can compost, however. Like I stated before, the list is extensive! Things like newspaper, cardboard, paper towel, brown paper bags, etc. 

Also, everyone can compost! In order to do a lot, you probably want a designated spot in your yard. But if you don’t have a yard, you may still be able to work something out where you keep your compost inside a enclosed plastic bin that you keep in a garage or basement or an apartment solarium perhaps…. Make your own soil from compost just for the fun of doing it! And you can use it for windowsill and other houseplants that you have around. They’ll love the quality soil!

This means of recycling is interesting and makes you feel good about reducing and reusing. It’s incredibly easy. And, everyone can compost! Try out composting for yourself and Happy Learn About Composting Day. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Going Hunting?

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Hey, Hunters!

While you may find this activity among the options for your summer camp itinerary, right now is the perfect time of year to go over some tips and advice on Hunter Safety. While hunting seasons may vary among all the different game and regions, now is a very popular time that marks the beginning of hunting in our area here in the north woods of Wisconsin.

In preparation for this popular season, let’s hit on some very important points concerning your safety when you head out for hunting.

Wear to Blare
Sure camouflage plays a strategic role in the sport of hunting. But wearing colors that blend into your surroundings can also be very dangerous. Instead, dress with the strategy to stay safe. Wear blaze orange so other hunters know you’re you.

Law of the Loaded
It’s a good idea to act as though all firearms are loaded. Accidents are less likely to happen when you use this kind of caution.

Muzzle Management
Simply put: Don’t point a gun at anything you don’t want to shoot. Always keep your muzzle pointing in a safe direction.

Undeniable Identification
Until you’re able to identify your target without question, it’s a good idea to keep your finger off the trigger. Do not shoot at movement. Do not shoot at assumptions. Only shoot when you know for sure what you’re shooting at.

Where Ya Goin’?
Before leaving home to go hunting, always tell somebody where you’re going, what you’re doing, and when you expect to be back—no matter how experienced you may be.

Stock and Load
Be sure to bring safety supplies that you may need in survival situations such as food rations, fire-starting kit, cell phone, rope, flare gun, space blanket, axe, and whistle are some good suggestions. Maybe you have more.

Use these points of caution and preparedness to avoid accidents and stay safe when you go out on your hunting adventures. Enjoy your time in the wilderness and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Bullseye!


- John

What Dads Do

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Happy Father’s Day, Everybody!

Today’s all about enjoying the day with your dad! Get out and have fun with your father so you can give him the best Father’s Day you can! Just as we did with Mother’s Day last month, instead of going over what fun or nice things you can do with the ol’ man, we’ll review some of the great things dads typically do around the house and for the family. And whatever you do to celebrate Father’s Day, make sure to do it out of gratitude for your dad!

Ask Dad, He Knows…
Dad lived a whole lot of life before you ever entered the world and probably learned a thing or two each day throughout all of his life experiences. He’s a wealth of knowledge; ask him about anything you’re unsure of. He likely has some insight or another.

Maintenance Man
While I went through a short list of domestic living chores in my Mother’s Day post in May, Dads usually share some amount of chores whether they fall into the category of cleaning house, lawn care, making updates, or running errands.

Maybe Dad Can Fix It
It seems to run in the DNA makeup of Dads that they develop the ability to fix it when the lawnmower won’t start, or the dishwasher leaks, or the toilet overflows. The personal family handyman (until the experts are necessary)—what would we do without dad?!

Consider all the things your dad does to keep your household running and give him the gratitude, happiness, and love that he deserves today and every day! Check out previous Father’s Day posts to find ideas on what you can get for him or maybe even make something yourself. Maybe it’s something you do for him. Whatever it is, make it a happy Father’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Camp 101: How Summer Camp Can Prepare Your Child for College

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Hey, Camp Parents!

New places, new people, new fears. All these phrases can be used to describe the first day of college. The feeling of moving on and forward can be exciting but can also be nerve wracking and in some cases downright terrifying. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of experiencing nervousness on the first day of college, you could be confident and excited because you’ve already experienced it before? At Everything Summer Camp, we believe that by attending summer camp as a child, your child actually develops life skills they can use later on when preparing for college.

Children learn to work together at camp and become part of a team and a community. They are exposed toMove in day feels easier with summer camp experience. other children from different backgrounds and experiences and learn how to share space and ideas respectfully. They learn teamwork and how to peacefully work through conflict if it arises. By attending camp as children, college students can learn to better coexist with a roommate and become a part of the community at their college or university. Camp puts children in environments to try new things and put themselves out there. This kind of setting typically translates to open-mindedness when they get to college. They are more willing to put themselves out there to making new friends and trying new activities. Camp gently edges children out of their comfort zones from an earlier age.

Homesickness is something that is common in both camp and college but by attending camp, children learn how to overcome homesickness from a younger age. The sooner young adults at college can adjust to being away from home, the sooner they can adjust to the college setting and start to have a great experience. Camp teaches children responsibility and independence as well, something that college students need in spades. For many students, college is the first time away from their families and they are in full control of their decisions for the first time as well. Camp can instill the independence that college students need early on but can also encourage them to make good decisions over bad ones. Camp fosters confidence and new perspectives in young children that blossom even further when they attend college. Finally, there will be several trials and tribulations that your child will most likely face when they attend college for the first time. Whether it’s their first all-nighter studying for an exam, trying out for a new team or club, or dealing with roommate issues, there will be some bumps along the road for your child.

By attending summer camp, children learn how to persevere through problems. They learn how to make mistakes and how to come back from those mistakes on the other side stronger and better for it. By powering through their mistakes at camp, children learn how to pull through in difficult situations later on while attending college. At Everything Summer Camp, we have everything your child could ever need to have an incredible time at camp. We hope that those memorable experiences stay with your child far into the future and that those memories help your child through their college experiences and beyond.

As always, thanks for reading, Camp Parents!


- John

In Recognition of Veterans Day

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Hey, Readers!

Today, we observe Veterans Day—a day to show our appreciation of those who served their country in the armed services. We call those people veterans and we, here at Everything Summer Camp, extend our immense gratitude to those who have fought fearlessly for our freedom. Thank you.
Veterans Day means a lot to a lot of people. How can you help honor veterans?
In a show of our appreciation—and to help you show YOUR appreciation—I’m continuing a list of great ways you can observe Veterans Day that I posted last year. You can check out the suggestions I gave last year right here, but today’s post is chock full of more ideas on how you can show your veteran appreciation!

Simply Show Up
It’s easy to find a Veterans Day event in your area that you can attend. Parades and services for veterans are being held all over the place today. Cowboy actor Roy Rogers once said, “We can’t all be heroes; someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” Veterans Day gives you the opportunity to wave to and cheer on the heroes in our world. All you have to do is show up!

Fly the Flag
A grand showing of respect, fly your American flag today if you have one. It’s a great way to honor Veterans in your neighborhood and (given the proper equipment), it’s a pretty easy thing to do. Be sure that you’re following the proper rules for display—you can look into proper flag-flying rules right here (

Spend Quality Time with a Vet
Simply showing an interest in spending some time with a Veteran will certainly mean a lot to any Veteran. Ask them about their service. Volunteer at a local VA Hospital. Or you can just spend some good outdoor time together fishing or doing something they enjoy.

You can do any of these things, the previously mentioned ideas from our post last year, or come up with your own way of honoring our veterans. Happy Veterans Day to everyone whether you’re a hero or an onlooker and, as always, thanks for reading.

Enjoy honoring the veterans you know today!


- John