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Supreme Locks for Safe Skies

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Hey, Lockers!

At Everything Summer Camp we pride ourselves in the quality of the summer camp gear we offer. And because of that fact, we love shining our spotlight on the wonderful suppliers who manufacture the products we offer on our site.

Look into Safe Skies for your luggage security!One solid brand name among our selection is Safe Skies. The makers of Luggage Locks, these guys are essential to our selection of trunk accessories. Perfect for long distance travelers who are flying to camp, get a good look at our Safe Skies products by clicking here.

Travel Security Agents at the airport are equipped with tools for unlocking and re-locking certain accepted brand name locks so yours doesn’t need to meet its doom by getting clipped as it goes through security.  

Safe Skies LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of Luggage Locks that baggage screeners can open without clipping. If you have a Safe Skies Lock on your luggage, TSA will not need to destroy it! The distinct Safe Skies logo of a burning torch indicates that screeners can open these locks for luggage inspection when necessary and then re-lock afterwards.

Your Safe Skies™ TSA Luggage Lock will not be clipped—Safe Skies all but guarantees it. TSA screeners have been extensively trained on how to open Safe Skies™ luggage locks without clipping them. Yet, in the highly unlikely scenario that your Safe Skies™ TSA lock does get clipped, Safe Skies is ready to replace your lock free of charge.

Always looking to carry the best of the best, we here at Everything Summer Camp know this is brand to be of great standards as they display the commitment to their quality and their coordination with the TSA program to offer the absolute convenience for their customers through their product. We appreciate you, Safe Skies™. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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