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Supergoop! Is More Than Sunscreen

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp work with the best of the best and we want everyone to know it. So here’s some praise we have to give to the awesome lady, Holly Thaggard, who founded the truly amazing sunscreen known as Supergoop!!

When a close friend of hers was diagnosed with melanoma, it really got to Holly. She couldn’t believe that someone as youthful and healthful as her friend (only in her late 20’s) would be able to get skin cancer! While unfortunate for her friend, it both frightened and motivated Holly to look into the matter.

She discovered that skin cancer is the number one type of cancer in the United States as well as the fact that the vast majority of aging signs are all consequences of the sun. “After learning that skin cancer is… primarily preventable, I found my calling,” says Holly. “I was determined to create superior sun protection products while promoting a healthier, UV-protected lifestyle through education.”supergoop!

Holly set out with the goal to raise awareness of sun damage to skin and developed Supergoop! along the way. With an incredibly broad spectrum, Supergoop! sunscreens protect against not only UVA but also UVB rays. It delivers a backup of antioxidants as well which neutralize the effects of the harsh sun.

Unlike any other sunscreen (and despite the product name), Supergoop! never gets goopy. Lightweight, the formula always applies with ease. Supergoop! ACTUALLY feels good to wear and is free of all controversial and potentially harmful ingredients.

As the three daughters of Supergoop!’s product representative are all summer campers, they wouldn’t dream of leaving their Supergoop! at home. It was this realization that sparked a relationship between Supergoop! and us here at Everything Summer Camp.

Our hat’s off to Holly and her magnificent, cancer-preventing, anti-aging formula, Supergoop!! Thank you for making the sun our safe friend again!


- John
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