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Summer Weeks at Lantern Creek

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Hi, Excited Campers!

These current times with coronavirus has left everyone with a lot of questions, but summer camps across the country have an optimistic resolve about the coming summer camp season. A couple weeks ago, I featured Forest Lake Camp in Chestertown, New York. Today let me tell you about Camp Lantern Creek in Montgomery, Texas. 

Camp Lantern Creek provides a picturesque escape from city living with fantastic views of sunrise and sunset over the beautiful hundred acres of Texas Piney Woods. While prepared for a worst-case scenario, Camp Lantern Creek sounds positive about the summer camp season. Check out this video from the Lantern Creek director, Sunni Markowitz.

In hopes of a best-case scenario, Lantern Creek has some pretty fun things planned for the summer including sports like Archery, Basketball, Kickball, Ga-Ga, Volleyball, Canoeing, Knitting, Singing, Doll-Making, Drawing, Painting, Stage Crew, Dance, and more. Their Rosie the Riveter program is full of girl power skill building in activities like changing a tire and making a fire.

Check out their great facilities in this cool video tour and see their campus, complete with a couple pools and a 40’ waterslide that’s known around Lantern Creek as Sally Ride, the theater and studio called The Muse, as well as Rally Hall where meals are had, and more.  

Lantern Creek campers (or ‘Creekers’) live in one of the five cabins—North, South, East, West and Compass. The cabins are well-kept and setup with the works: central air-conditioning and heat, and full bathrooms. They’re also set on enough space for its own yard, clothesline, and fire pit! Cabin life is at the heart of Creekers’ summer camp experience and relationship with each other.

Get a deeper look at this magical place on their website by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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