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Hey, Camp Fans!

Depending on the intensity of your summer camp experience, a sleeping bag can be super-important and vital to your enjoyment of your camp stay. If you’re looking for the right sleeping bag for camp, then you’re in luck as we’ve recently started carrying the K-2 Sleeping Bag from Suisse Sport right here at Everything Summer Camp.This sleeping bag is sure to keep you warm enough on a  freezing night.

This sleeping bag is perfect for taking with you out on the camp trail! Keep the cold out of your bones at night with this warm, Mummy Style Bag. Roughin’ it or not, you should be able to get a good night’s sleep. Given three pounds of fill as well as a double layer offset quilt and contoured hood, the K-2 Sleeping Bag is made for camp.

We offer the K-2 in two different temperature ratings:  0° – 5° degrees as well as 5° – 10° degrees. With a two-piece compression sack, this sleeping bag makes for incredibly easy storage and transportation so you can enjoy even the coldest nights wherever you go in your K-2 Sleeping Bag.

How does Suisse Sport make the K-2 as lightweight as 3 lbs. and yet still equipped to handle a frigid night? They fill it with Micro Tekk Z1 performance insulation and wrap the exterior in durable polyester lining. Cool summer evenings mean nothing to the K-2. Bring it on!

The K-2 also features a convenient zippered utility pocket on the outside. It’s a reliable place to keep those small items that you would normally keep at your bedside like your eyeglasses, contacts case, or travel toothbrush.

This bag can fit somebody 6’ tall and delivers a blissful night of sleep under the stars. Enjoy camping the right way in the K-2 Mummy Style Sleeping Bag from Suisse Sport. Check it out for yourself today and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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