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Even GARFIELD would like THIS Monday!

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Hey, you Lazy Loafers!

Don’t worry!—I’m not trying to call you out on it. In fact, I’m here to encourage your laziness today! That’s right. Shove your chores aside! Stretch out! Put the recliner back and the footrest up! Today was meant for anyone and everyone who’s ever been bit by the lazy bug or born with a lazy bone; today is National Lazy Day.
This dog is the queen of laze
Unlike my sister’s adorable, but lethargic, Chihuahua—Tilly—National Lazy Day comes just once a year for folks like you and me (at least, only once on such an official level as this). So, just for today, let’s all embrace our laziness and live it up like Tilly and all her apathetic Chihuahua friends.

Tilly doesn't do anything on National Lazy Day!But a day of such lethargy and slothfulness has given me pause and created a dilemma for me. After all, how should a day of such indifference be observed on this Blog? Is it right to advertise and campaign in favor of such languor and inertia? Or does it fly in the face of the very thesis that National Lazy Day stands for?—Inactivity! Inattentiveness! And ABOVE ALL Arrested Productivity!

I apologize…. Allow me to take a step back; I’m getting a little too passionate here for a day like today…

To write today’s post, I first sat down with a focus on the origins of National Lazy Day. I thought we could discover what historical events took place, paving the way for this day to be put into motion. But then, thought, no. That sounds like learning. And learning just sounds like too much work today.

So, then I thought, maybe I’ll compile a list of appropriate ways to display your laziness for today, y’know—sleep in until noon…watch cartoons all day…take a nap. But then I started to worry that lists go hand-in-hand with productivity which is NOT in the spirit of this holiday. I’m here to tell you to relax, not assign you a ‘To-Do’ list (as lazy as it may be).

And so it was that I lazily came to this final conclusion:

There is NOTHING I can say to advocate National Lazy Day without thereby defying it. In other words, enjoy National Lazy Day…y’know…if you feel like it…

As for myself, I’ve decided to simply quit…the Blog, my job, perhaps my personal hygiene—just for today. I’m really gonna do Lazy Day up in style. I’ll seek ouDo or do not. Just whatever you do, don't try!t the true nature of laziness as Luke Skywalker sought out the ways of The Force from the great, Jedi Master, Yoda.… I’ll pursue an apprenticeship for myself under the Master of True Laze herself…Tilly.

- John

Oh yeah—and, y’know, as always, thanks for reading…I guess..

Go back to sleep, I will.

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