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Spend Summer on the Catalina Islands!

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Hey, Camp People!

We can’t talk enough about all the excellent summer camps with whom we’ve developed great relationships. That’s why we post about them as often as we can and, toCatalina Island Camps is a great camp for, we’re swinging our Everything Summer Camp spotlight over to the West Coast to one of these amazing camps. Focusing our attention about 20 miles off the Southern California coast, let’s take a good look at Catalina Island Camps

Bound by glorious views and graced by ocean breezes, Catalina Island Camps is settled on Howlands Landing, a private cove downwind of the beautiful Catalina Island. Initially a boys camp when it was first founded in 1922, this camp has been open to girls as well now since the 70’s.

There are awesome water activities at Catalina IslaLots of fun goings on at the camp waterfront!nd Camps like Skin Diving, Kayaking, Sailing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Tubing, Knee Boarding, and Stand Up Paddleboards. And days are filled with other activities like Arts & Crafts, Archery, Riflery, Rock Wall Climbing, Ropes Course, Outdoor Cooking, Adventure Trips, and much, much more.

Catalina Island campers find a sense of belonging to the cabin group. The activities, special events, and overall cabin life are determined by the cabin groups to which campers are assigned. Through cooperationAcquaintances become BFFs at Catalina Island Camps. in activities and shared experiences, Catalina campers learn to help their fellow cabin mates and develop friendships with one another. There is a cabin leader and an activity instructor living with typically ten campers in each cabin.

Boasting beautiful campgrounds and a lovely campus, campers believe Catalina Island Camps to be heaven on earth. Here, campers take their first steps toward a stage of maturity and self-reliance. Check out Catalina Island Camps for yourself right here if it sounds like a good camp for your camper and, as always thanks for reading!


- John


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