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So…You Didn’t Like Camp..

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Hey, Unhappy Campers.

Did the summer camp season leave you disappointed and unimpressed? All the good things everyone had to say about camp and everything you read about it (including posts on THIS Blog) led you to believe that your kid’s summer camp experience would be nothing short of amazing. What went wrong? While this certainly isn’t the norm, it’s not unheard of for children to have an unpleasant summer camp experience. However, I cannot stress this next point enough—just because your kid didn’t like their summer camp, doesn’t mean that they don’t like SUMMER CAMP.

If you didn’t pick the right camp for your kid, there’s still hope to find a different one that your kid will enjoy next year. Finding a dud camp stinks for that summer visit, but in the long run, it’s a bad taste in your mouth that goes away petty quick.

Even the summer camp experts who wrote the literal book on camp, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, didn’t fall in love with the summer camp experience at first sight. Both of their initial camp stays were chaotic and ungainful. But it wasn’t enough to deter them from pursuing better camps that offered a little more organization and fun. Now they can’t get enough of summer camp!

Tune into this Blog next month (October 12) to read a post contributed to us by one of the authors of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, Dr. Chris Thurber. Chris will take the reins on this topic and give you great advice for giving your kids a healthy, unforceful push back into the summer camp direction despite their recent disenchantment.

So, if your kid didn’t enjoy their time at summer camp this season, don’t despair—just come back to the Everything Summer Camp Blog for excellent advice on the subject. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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