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So many ways to save this Memorial Day weekend!

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Hey, Smart Camp Shoppers!

As summer is always considered to be bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day, the unofficial announcement of the summer season—Memorial Day—is right around the corner. Memorial Day has always been a big day for us at Everything Summer Camp, so this year we wanted to make sure we started things off right. That’s why we’re having our Memorial Day Weekend Sale.
Memorial day weekend saleWe’re going all out for this sale hitting all our major categories of camping gear and other popular camping supplies like Camp Trunks, Duffel Bags, Name Labels, Get trunks for cheap on memorial day!Trunk Accessories, and so much more. Check it all out:

Get $15 off of our Camp Trunks. The best container to use for summer camp is typically going to be a sturdy camp trunk. Pick up your camp trunk this weekend for a nicely discounted price.

Similarly, you can find specific Duffel Bags for $10 off! A popular alternative to Camp Trunks or, depending on the size of your Duffel and how big your load is, a great addition to storage.
Clothing stamps work great for lableing. Get it for a great price this weekend!
We went Get excellent deals on summer camp musts like name label productscrazy with items marked 10% off. Get a great deal on Name Labels for your camp clothing and other camp gear. That goes for our Iron-Clothing Name Labels, Stick-On Name Labels, Artline Clothing Markers, and Clothing Stamps—everything here.

Products in ten other major categories are being slashed by 10%: Laundry Bags, Sleeping Bags, Fans, Insect Repellent, Water Bottles, Rain Gear, Toiletry Bags, Stationery, Travel Accessories, and Color War Apparel!
Nameplates not only identify but help make your trunk pop
We’re not done just yet! We also offer 5% off of all Trunk Accessories—practical and cool products like Nameplates andGet great accessories like the Glide & Go Tray for your trunk at a discount Memorial Day Sale price. Glide & Go Trays. You can also find 5% off of our extremely popular Columbia Sportswear.

But that’s STILL not all because ‘The More You Spend, The More You Save’ We’re bringing this returning deal back for this weekend’s sale.  Here’s how it works: purchase over $100, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate, shipped along with your order. If you purchase over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. $300 will get you $30, $400 will get you $40, and so on.

As usual, we ship $99+ orders for free. Have fun getting your discounted camp gear this weekend and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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