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So! How did Camp Go?!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

How was camp? At Everything Summer Camp, we REALLY want to know! That’s why we’re asking you to write us…AGAIN! We saw such a great response to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest last summer that we felt compelled to do it again this year! We can’t wait to hear all your stories this year!We want to know how your camp experience went!

If you weren’t a participant last year, join in on the fun this time around! Whether you tell us about the one thing that was the most fun or talk about all the great people you met, we’d love to hear about your camp experience!

Please include your first name and your last name’s initial, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp. You only need 150 words to qualify, however, we’re looking for submissions closer to 250. In these submissions, we encourage you to talk about YOUR camp and why you think it’s the best.

Figuring out what to write about is the hardest part.Not sure What to Write?                         l Well, you could tell us about the things you learned at camp like how to shoot an arrow or which way is north. You could share stories about all the friends you made while you were there. You could describe how it felt to be away from home. You could exercise your creative muscle and talk about the beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings you saw at camp. Or just give us something like a journal entry that chronicles a day in the life.

To Enter                                                                                                                          l You’ll need to submit your written story about your summer camp experience using the entry form found here. There’s no entry fee. If you’re under 18 years of age you’ll need the permission of a parent or guardian to enter the Contest.

Speaking of Parents                                                                                                          l We’d love to hear from you as well! Don’t hesitate to submit something yourself if you’d like to share your experience in sending your kid to camp. How did it go? Have you noticed any changes in your child since they got back? How did you fare with being away? How will you be better prepared for next year? Tell us anything you want. We’ll listen!
How'd camp go for you?Everybody who submits gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp!
Seven random winners will be chosen. Our first randomized winner will receive a $100 gift card for our website. We’ll then randomly pick two more winners to receive $50 gift cards to our site. After that, four random winners will get our $25 gift cards. Everyone else who submits will get the $15 gift cards.  Let us know what a blast camp was for you!

So tell us how camp went and share your stories right here on the Blog! Check out the entry form for further details and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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