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So and So on Shades Info

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Hey, Cool Kids.

It’s plain to see that all your futures are so bright since you need shades! Sunglasses offer us a wealth of benefits protecting us from issues of the eye including Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and Skin Cancer (10% of skin cancers are located on eyelids) among other things. They also make you look cool. Join me in discovering more about everyone’s favorite eyewear to honor today—National Sunglasses Day.Keep your eyes protected and your face looking cool!

Here are three random facts about shades:

To Brow or Not to Brow
Style is a big deal when it comes to sunglasses. But did you know that the visibility of your eyebrows can make or break it for people? For some folks, it’s preferable. For others, it should never be done. And yet, others believe whether your eyebrows stay hidden or they stand proud above your shades depends on variables such as face shape and brow thickness.

P-p-p-poker Face
For at least a few hundred years, Chinese judges in the Middle Ages wore sunglasses not so much for their protective properties but more so their masking abilities. These judges wore their shades to hide any expression that their eyes may reveal—the same purpose for which hardcore Poker players employ their sunglasses.

Just One Co.
It’s surprisingly 70% of the world’s designer sunglasses that all come from the same single company. Brand names like Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and others all actually come from a company in Italy called Luxottica. Luxottica also owns the Ray-ban and Oakley brands.

Enjoy those brilliant days at summer camp with your own pair of sunglasses! You can find your own pair of sunglasses from the Real Kids Shades brand on the Everything Summer Camp main site! Check it out by clicking here. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses for those bright, sun-shiny camp days and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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