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Slow Your Video Roll

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Hey, Happy Campers!

We all love spending some time on the screen whether we’re playing Xbox or a game on a mobile phone. And now in these months of winter chill, screen time and gaming make for a great means of indoor entertainment. But, as much fun as this time can be, many camps disallow the use of electronic technology including smartphones, tablets, video games, and personal music players. Yet, summer camps manage to give kids a blast summer after summer…somehow.

Video games are great for reinforcing skills, enthusiasm, and providing challenge after challenge. Camp does the same thing but without any electricity. In real, natural settings, camp teaches campers about sports, art, friendship, and plenty more. Camp is about connecting with people and nature, not hiding your face in a screen.

Technological devices don’t align with the mission of most camps. If you’re tempted to bring electronics to camp, check your information packet first to be sure it’s allowed. But even if your does allow certain electronics, consider leaving yours behind for your time at camp. Enjoy nature, read a book, engage in outdoor activities, and talk with your cabin mates. 

Kids ought to use camp as a time to reconnect with nature. It will feel good to take a little break from screen time. Alanna G. wrote in to us back in 2015 to say, “Phones are a HUGE part of teenagers’ lives today. However, at Beber, there is a ‘no screen’ policy. So, there are no phones. From personal experience, it is so amazing to be without my phone and learn to appreciate the people that I don’t get to see every day. It also helps me define who I am as a person. I have learned so many new things about myself and others.”

Lastly, there’s a decent chance of electronics getting broken at camp. Don’t bring anything that would be expensive to replace. And if your camp allows electronics, remember to bring along the charger.

While there are definite benefits to learning online and playing video games, there are definite benefits to living in a quieter, based lifestyle, but you have to shut the screen off to discover them. Why not start now and go for a walk. If it’s too cold for that, maybe focus on an indoor project like drawing or writing. As always, Camp Folks, thanks for reading!


- John


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