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Sleeping Bags are all the Same...Right?

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

I hope you’re getting more and more excited as the summer camp season draws near! In preparation, you may be looking for the right sleeping bag for your camper; and, in doing so, you may be finding it confusing to know just which kind of sleeping bag will be best—what with how many different types of sleeping bags there are.

When it comes down to a sleeping-bag, we’ve got everything you could want…which doesn’t exactly make it easy to decide on the one that’s just right for your camper. Read on and you can use this post as a guide to helping you narrow your sights on the appropriate kids sleeping bags for your kids’ camp stay.

Kelty_Ignite_dridown_40_openYour first decision will come down to the style of sleeping bag. Here you have two options: you can go with the traditional Rectangle Style Bag or you can go with the Mummy Style.

For a longer camp stay that guarantees some night’s spent under the stars, a mummy style sleeping bag is what you’re looking for. It’s shape will naturally keep it warmer inside and its better equipped to protect your camper against the elements.

If your kid’s camp stay is a week long, however, and isn’t going to involve much actual camping, the traditional rectangular style sleeping bag will do just fine. It’s better for a restless sleeper as well who tosses and turns throughout the night.

Your next decision arrives at temperature ratings. Know the weather forecast forexxel-outdoors-cub-youth-sleeping-bag-pinkandblue your camper’s camp stay. How cool is it going to get? The temperature ratings let you know how cool of a night it’s intended to handle. If the nights are pretty cold, you’ll want to look for a lower rating.

Next, you’ll want to give some thought toward using synthetic material or real down. Though more expensive, real down is typically your better option. It’s light, highly compressible, and long-lasting. It holds its loft longer than synthetic down and maintains its insulation well over time.

A sleeping bag made with Synthetic Insulation is going to be bigger and it’s going to be heavier. Synthetic Insulation doesn’t absorb water making it a great choice for campers who plans on roughin’ it rain or shine. These bags are also less expensive than sleeping bags made with Real Down.

Lastly, you need to decide if you want a regular size sleeping bag or one that expands from a youth size sleeping bag to and adult. An expandable twelve inches at the end of the bag ensures that your camper won’t be outgrowing this bag any time soon!

That’s all for today, Camp Fans. Hope this helped clarify which type of sleeping bag would be best for your camper! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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