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Sleep like an Egyptian...Mummy!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp can’t help but to celebrate the fast-approaching summer camp season and our favorite way to celebrate is by bringing on new camping gear to broaden the selection we have available to our shoppers. Excited for the season for the last few months, we’ve already added a plethora of great new products to our online store—and we’re not done just yet!

Another new product we’ve picked up is the Wenzel Reverie 30° Mummy SleepingEnjoy your Reverie mummy sleeping bag when you camp out underneath the stars! Bag. You can sleep like a baby in this bag! It’s got a temperature rating of 30°, so you know you’ll be comfortable and stay warm on a cool, summer night. Despite what nasty tantrums Mother Nature might throw, you’ll stay snug as a bug when you’re wrapped up in this durable, polyester cocoon.

Guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout a night beneath the stars, Wenzel’s Reverie Bag has a trick up its sleeve. See, unlike most other sleeping bags for summer camp, the Reverie Sleeping Bag is equipped with a customizable venting technology that allows you to control the temperature of the bag as required.

Equipped with this venting technology, the Reverie Sleeping Bag is good for spring, summer, and fall too, making it a very versatile bag. With this smart feature, you’re allowed to choose the effectiveness of your venting system. Keep the air in on a cooler night and open the vents all the way on those hot and humid, summer nights. It’s easy to adjust the temperature so you’re always comfy.

This is also a great time to pick up the Wenzel Reverie for your summer camp bag since it’s currently on sale! Check it out for yourself right here! In the Wenzel Reverie Mummy 30°, you’re sure to have a good sleep! As always, thanks for reading!


- JohnIt's nothing but sweet dreams with the Wenzel Reverie for your sleepover camp stay!

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