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Silver Linings of 2020

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Hello, Fellow Readers!

You can all breathe a sigh of relief; you’ve made it through to the end of 2020 (the craziest year the world’s seen in a long time). We all know what a trying year it’s been—chock full of questions, concerns, and hardships. But we’re positive people here at Everything Summer Camp. Despite the difficult challenges we’ve faced this year in terms of both business and our personal lives, we have also found our own silver linings of 2020.

I asked around the office to see what good we all extracted from this year and the results were so uplifting, it’s only right to share them with everyone. Check out all the good things that happened this past year.

Our Vice President, Mark, was happy to get more time at home with his family. He was able to accomplish more around the house with time that he and his family typically spend traveling. He’s also been able to increase his efforts in physical fitness. For instance, he recently installed an impressive gym in his basement.

Operations Manager, Brian is excited about two new additions he’s made to his home as well. This year he acquired a video game arcade machine as well as an arcade style dartboard. A dead-eye when it came to darts in his younger years, Brian’s skills seem to need some sharpening. “Dartboard’s defective,” he told me. “Can’t hit bullseyes.”

Our manager of the Graphics Department, Nate used a calmer schedule and more time at home to work on projects around the house. He spent more time outdoors and enjoyed frequent golf outings. He also used this year to think on how to improve our products and processes here at Everything Summer Camp to better serve our customers in 2021!

Diane, our Call Center Supervisor, felt blessed with a slower pace of living this year. But, in much more exciting news, she was blessed with three more healthy grandchildren this year. Congratulations to her and her ever-growing family!

Thrilled just to still have a job, our Graphic Artist, Amy, has counted her blessings throughout 2020 and is glad that her family has stayed healthy. Her husband and their little boy, Charlie visited more state parks than ever before this year and had a wonderful time. 

Not hard for Drew to pick this year’s highlight, he excitedly responded, “I got hitched!” Earlier this summer, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Adrianna. Congratulations to the both of them!

As for myself, 2020 has been a year for the books! It’s been my first year in my new house, located in the same small town as the Everything Summer Camp headquarters: Boyd, Wisconsin. I love it here and, what with lockdowns and quarantines, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time making my new home feel like mine!

While many of us faced tragedy and challenges throughout this trying year, see what good things you can reflect on that came from the last 364 days. You may be surprised at all that you come up with! Goodbye, 2020. It’s been one crazy ride. And a happy New Year, Everybody. We’ll see you all in 2021!


- John

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