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Show Your Team Spirit With Decals

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Hey, Sports Fans!

Does your footlocker say football? If you’re all as excited as we are here at Everything Summer Camp, then let that excitement shine! Your footlocker is your canvas and your NFL decals are your paintbrush! With an NFL Teammates decal from Fathead you can showcase the NFL team you favor most right on your trunk!Packers Fat Head

Fathead’s NFL Teammates logo decals are made for any football fan that just can’t help but to show which team is your team. Say it loud and say it proud! What if your logo looks good on your camp trunk, but now you start thinking it’d be better stuck on your bedroom door? You wish you could put your NFL Teammates logo somewhere else—no problem!

Simply peel the logo decal and stick it on your bedroom door, windows, walls—pretty much anywhere you want because Fathead materials are movable, reusable, and virtually indestructible! This stuff is no joke! Get crafty and creative with it!

Made of a vinyl material, these adhesive logos are really great for fun trunk decorating or any other place with a dry, clean surface. It’s a good idea to clean the location that you want the decal to occupy so the sticker doesn’t take all the dirt with it when you peel it off that spot.

If you’re like me, I knew who my favorite team was by the time I was seven years old! Latch on to that love and let the world know where your loyalties lie. Who do you root for? The decision is yours! Each Teammates package has one to three, square foot team logo decals that are safe on surfaces and make it even more fun to be a fan of football!

That’s all for today, Sports Fans! Till next time.


- John
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