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Show Your Kids How Absolutely Incredible They Are Today

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Hey, Incredible People!

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. Celebrated annually on the third Thursday in March, this day is intended to make kids feel as special as they actually are to us. If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve got at least one kid in your life. And typically, when there’s a kid in your life, that kid is just absolutely incredible to you, right?incredible kids day

I don’t have kids, myself, but I’m the delighted uncle of three amazing little ladies! And that’s one of the great things about today. Whether you’re a parent, an older sibling or cousin, an uncle or aunt, a grandparent, or family friend, Absolutely Incredible Kids Day is a great day to celebrate the little ones in your life.

Established by a youth development organization called Camp Fire, this day is meant to boost and inspire the kids that we have in our lives. It’s extremely important that kids hear encouragement from the people they look up to. And an act as simple as telling a kid how great they are and what they mean to you can go a very long way for him or her.

While telling a kid face-to-face how absolutely incredible he or she is as well as communicating the message through some form of social media are perfectly good methods, there is another way that’s recommended before any other—writing a letter.

Letters are best because they are a hard copy of your written words. They’re personal and more-or-less permanent. Writing your thoughts down usually allows you to organize your words and say everything that you really want to say—things that you might hold back to say in conversation. And sometimes, a conversation of this sort, is enough to kind of embarrass a kid.

However you know the kids in your life, be sure to tell them what they mean to you and just how absolutely incredible they are! Happy Absolutely Incredible Kids Day!


- John
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