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Hey, Camp Folksssss.

Did you know that today is World Snake Day? While there are definitely those, like my niece, who LOVE snakes, these carnivorous reptiles generally have a bad reputation and—no offense, Tessa—but it’s easy to understand why. After all, these legless creatures slither around and wrap and bite and can potentially kill you. Then again, it’s only about 17% of snake species that are venomous and less than 6% that pose a considerable risk to your life. World Snake Day was created with the intention of encouraging people to learn more about snakes and how they contribute to the world.

Keeping the Balance since 190 Million B.C.
For the fact there are so many snakes (almost 3500 species) that live in any biome on every continent (except Antarctica) and have done so for such a long time, snakes have been one of the most important creatures in maintaining a balance of nature in the world’s ecosystems!

Freaky Creature’s Features
Whether you love them or hate them, everyone can agree that snakes are fascinating! For instance, the world’s longest snake, the Reticulated Python, kills its prey by strangling it. They shed their skin. Without legs they’re able to swim incredibly fast and capable of crossing pretty much any terrain. And, of course, one of the freakiest things about snakes is that they unhinge their jaws to consume their food. 

Nice to Snake your Acquaintance
As I acknowledged above, snakes may not be the right pet for everyone, but if you have an innate interest in these animals like my niece Tessa, you should consider getting a snake. It’d be a great way to celebrate World Snake Day. And many snakes make good pets because they are easy to care for and inexpensive to feed (unless it’s a big boa or python!). But all in all, snakes are clean, quiet, and odor-free. Do some research to make them happy and enjoy their company! They may even be allowed in your college dorm room when that time comes.

Yes, snakes have had a bad reputation since the beginning of time! Since the Garden of Eden. But that doesn’t mean snakes are bad! They’re cool pets for those who like them. I know my niece loves her snake, Qbelios. Have fun learning more about snakes today and look into having one as a pet. As always, thanksssss for reading!


- John

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