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Shirley’s Favorite Product Pick

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Remember Shirley, our Production Supervisor? She looks at our queue that shows us how many orders for camp trunks have come in from customers like you. Then, based off what she sees from the queue, she coordinates the scheduling with her crew in production and sets daily goals for them.

When she’s on the clock, no sight is prettier to Shirley than a C&N Footlocker made to perfection and looking as good as it can. It makes sense that Shirley’s favorite product found at Everything Summer Camp is the one and only full color vinyl decal to top your footlocker. We call them Lid Skinz.lidskinz

“You can design them so they look just the way you want them to,” says Shirley. We like the idea of kids creatively expressing themselves as much as they can, so we’ve recently improved our Lid Skinz designer tool so that when you personalize your own Lid Skinz cover exclusive to your own camp trunk, the possibilities are pretty much limitless.

Lid Skinz from Everything Summer Camp are by far one of the coolest ways to get your camp trunk all dressed up. We print the full color vinyl decal here in our graphics shop and then roll protective laminate over the Lid Skinz. By the time we’re done with it the top of your camp trunk is more durable than paint!

“It’s almost impossible to scratch!” says Shirley.

After it’s been printed and laminated it goes to our Shipping Department. There, they undo the top hardware of your camp trunk and peel the non-stick backing of our Lid Skinz material to carefully apply it to the top lid of your camp trunk. Once the hardware gets screwed back into place, the LidSkinz look like they’re pretty much part of the trunk!

Slap some skin on your trunk to see why Shirley thinks they’re so cool.


- John
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