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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

While our competitors will have you ordering for camp a whole month in advance or emptying your wallet to get your stuff on time, we ship your order out in days, not weeks. When your order is placed at Everything Summer Camp, it goes through our system and, after any personalized items on the order are made, the order goes to shipping.

When the camp season hits, we have to be ready for it in multiple ways which is why we either stock all our products or make them in-house. This way, we ship your order fast. It’s certainly a team effort among departments, but in the end, every single order goWelcom e to the Shipping Warehousees through the shipping department. The season inevitably gives these guys a workout every year!

Welcome to shipping.

This giant warehouse where we stock all of our camp trunks and other products (aside from our customizable graphics and camp clothing) is where the magic happens.
Shipping is always a busy place this time of year!
An extremely busy place—this time of year especially—the summer shipping crew works methodically thanks to shipping manager, Ryan’s, careful orchestration and execution of the day. These guys get your quality camp gear from Everything Summer Camp out to you on time every time!

The details of each order is printed and all the orders that need to ship that day are pushed out the door first. The crew goes to work “picking orders”. Orders without Boxing orders up is a taxing procedurecustomizable products get “picked” from our stocked products. The order is then looked over to make sure that it’s complete and ready to be shipped out to you.

Many different parts of the shipping responsibilities, Scott, here, tapes up an outgoing order.Each order is boxed up then. The shipping labels are printed and the order is seen into the back of a UPS truck and delivered to you. A fun and moving work environment, the shipping department is great at what they do! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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