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Shades a-FALLing

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Hey there, Fall Friends!

This is the time of year when the leaves lose their green color and shift to shades of yellow, brown, orange, red, or even purple—if you live in more northern regions of the country, that is. After turning their sometimes explosive colors, the leaves will then fall from the trees (hence the short name for the season). It's the coolest part about fall!

All of us here at Everything Summer Camp, located in the northwoods of Wisconsin, are treated every year to some of the most beautiful sights with vibrant and surreal colors hanging from the trees. As the temperature cools and the northern hemisphere sees less sunlight each day, the leaves lack the amount of sunlight needed to perform processes that are essential to their life (like photosynthesis).

Check out the beautiful, changing environment surrounding us here in northern Wisconsin with these pictures throughout today’s post.

Fall Photography
Take after me and capture some cool pictures of the autumn colors. All the pictures on this post come from trees around my block! Check out the trees in your neighborhood and bring a camera when you’re inspired!

Leaf Collecting
While you’re out walking in the awesome colors of autumn, you’re sure to come across some fallen leaves. Maybe you’ll find some that are just too cool to pass by. Bring it home to share! You can even press leaves and frame them!

If you get enough leaves in your yard, rake them into a pile and hop in! There’s nothing more invigorating than lunging into a bunch of crisp, colorful leaves! Hear them crunch all around you as you lie on your bed of leaves!

If the foliage in your neck of the woods doesn’t create a fireworks show among the trees, then I highly recommend that you travel to an area where it does. Make a family day trip out of it…or maybe a weekend. The colors are bound cast a spell on you as they do on us every year. We truly live in a beautiful world! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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