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Hey, Camp Fans!

A lot can be said for summer camps all across the nation—or ones in our own, virtual backyard. Not far from Everything Summer Camp headquarters, let me tell you aCheck out Camp Eagle Ridge for your next summer sesionbout an amazing and magical place located in Mellen, WI, on Lake Galilee, amidst our state’s beautiful Northwoods. Camp Eagle Ridge provides fun, friends, personal attention from counselors, and excellent facilities including awesome log cabins in an absolutely, inspiring setting.

Eagle Ridge cabins are all set up with electricity, fans, and modern bathrooms with private showers and areas for changing. However, much more than a beautiful place with accommodating facilities, Camp Eagle Ridge is a welcoming community that gives new campers a warm feeling of being home-away-from-home and definitely a part Stay in these beautiful facilities.of the Eagle Ridge family!

Met every day with fun activities, Eagle Ridge campers are given the opportunities to sharpen their skills and broaden their experiences from a wide selection of available sports and other activities. Eagle Ridge offers a variety of water sports including Sailing, Kayaking, and Canoeing. You can also play Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, La Crosse, Rugby, Wrestling, Kickball, and more!

Campers also get the chance to practice their skills in a plethora of artistic and physical activities as well, such as Visual Art, Dance, Improv, Archery, Gardening, Outdoor Living Skills, Rockwall Climbing, and more!

Founded in 1994, Camp Eagle Ridge has been guiding kids for 21 years with a focus on leadership, decision-making, and helping kids realize the best they can do. Everyone—ages 7 to 17, boys AND girls from all over the country and all over the world are welcome to have an unforgettable time for one to seven weeks—depending on how long you’re comfortable with staying.

Come back for our Blog post on Wednesday where I talk about Noah and Ella who enjoyed their summer at Eagle Ridge Find your love for Camp Eagle Ridge and check it out for yourself sometime! And, as always, thanks for reading. Kids love Camp Eagle Ridge.


- John


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