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Send your season’s greetings in a card!

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Hey, Holidayers!

Last week, I talked a lot about all of the different holidays that people celebrate throughout the month of December. There’s a bunch! Today is yet another one (a holiday of a much smaller scale, but still, a holiday nonetheless): National Christmas Card Day. This is the day for getting your cards in the mail so they reach their destination on time.

The name of this day may make a point to specify ‘CHRISTMAS’ cards, but really, ySend your season's greetings in the form of a greeting cardou can send any card for any holiday that you want. Anyway, what I want to talk about today isn’t which holiday your greeting card refers to; what I want to talk about is the importance of sending a physical card in the first place and why it’s different than sending an E-card or some social media exchange.

As I had mentioned on this Sunday’s Blog post for Letter Writing Day, “In a world where communication is dominated by phone conversations, electronic messages, and social media posts, receiving an actual, handwritten letter sent through the United States Postal Service means more than ever!”

I think a similar sentiment can be applied to holiday greeting cards. When people receive a real, tangible item in the mail, it means so much more to them than some flashy, digital animation that dances and scrolls across the screen.

Most people have spots in their homes where they keep greeting cards that they’ve Warm the spirits of those dear to you with a nice greeting card.received in the mail—this time of year especially. They keep them on the mantel, on a mail counter in the kitchen, on a desk in the home office. Holiday greeting cards aren’t just received, read over, and pitched. They’re put on display where they deliver holiday joy, not just for the moment of arrival and a quick read, but joy that lasts the season!

From Everything Summer Camp, Happy Holidays to one and all!


- John

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