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Seizing Opportunities and Hay in the Summer Season

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Once upon a brilliant summer day as the warm rays of the sun enveloped the landscape of the campgrounds, a troop of campers set out to embark on a summer camp adventure. As they began their trek along with the sunrise, the cabin leader called out to share an old saying: "Make Hay While the Sun Shines." Journey back with us to medieval times to discover the roots of this English proverb.

Back then, farmers relied on hay as an essential resource even though it’s a process that requires days of hard work—cutting, gathering, and drying it all. But so much hard work could be ruined with just a drizzle. In those days, wise farmers lived by one simple rule season after season:

"Make Hay while the Sun Shines."

Over time, the phrase went beyond its farming origins and took on a broader meaning. It became a reminder to seize opportunities before they slipped away. Just like farmers made hay when the sun shone, people realized the importance of recognizing and acting on favorable circumstances. It became a down-to-earth version of ‘carpe diem’—a reminder to make the most of every chance.

At summer camp, children embark on a whirlwind of adventures, exploring everything from the natural world around them to their own inner creativity. They forge friendships and create memories that last a lifetime. But camp provides a limited time to fit in so much exploration, education, and growth. Just how the farmers had to work efficiently to gather their hay, summer campers must make the most of their time, embracing every opportunity that comes their way.

So, as your child embarks on their summer camp journey, remind them of the significance behind "Make Hay While the Sun Shines." Encourage them to embrace the adventure, seize every moment, and make the most of the opportunities that unfold before them.

On the farm or at camp, in our personal or professional, the lesson remains the same—seize the opportunities and make the most of every moment. Remember, when life presents you with a sunny day, don't let it pass you by. Embrace the moment and make the most of it! Savor the sunshine and thanks for reading. As always, Happy Camping!


- John

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