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What’s up, Camp Fans?!

With this year’s summer camp season now all wrapped up, it’s still so fresh in our minds that we can’t help but think about camp next year! If you’re scratching your head about where you’ll be attending camp in the following season, then today’s Blog post just might introduce you to your next summer camp experience. We’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the eastern coast in the state of Maine where we find Hidden Valley Camp! This fun-filled boys and girls summer sleep away camp is situated nicely on top of 350 acres very close to the beautiful coast of Maine. Each summer since 1948, kids between the ages eight and fourteen are invited to spend a 4-week stay at this beautiful visual arts camp.

Join the fun happening on these campgrounds! Hidden Valley gives campers the chance to splash it up with activities like Fishing, Swim & Sauna, the Water Slide, and more. For land activities, they have Animal Care, Gardening, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Jogging, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Adventures, Ropes Course, all kinds of Sports, Ultimate Frisbee, and much more!

And for indoor fun, Hidden Valley gives campers the opportunity to sharpen their skills in other activities such as Arts & Crafts, Communication Arts, Creative Writing, Guest Artists, Performing Arts, Piano, Music, and other cool activities you can try your hand at.

Campers eat their meals with their cabin mates and they spend rest hours together as well. They frequently enjoy Cabin Nights together or some other means that provides a bonding experience in addition to all their daytime adventures outdoors. Cabins are made up of a dozen campers who are accompanied by several camp counselors.

Enjoy taking some time to look into Hidden Valley Camp for your own summer camp experience and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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