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Hey, Holiday Shoppers!

Gift-giving is extremely prevalent this time of year. No matter which holiday you celebrate, this is the season to be joyful, jolly, and generous. A tradition that dates back several thousand years ago, giving gifts is in our history. Of course, it’s a great treat to receive a gift from a friend or family member, but the actual GIVING of a gift can be just as rewarding.Snow is on the ground and lights are hung, it's time for holiday sales!

Believe it or not, some people find the feeling of giving a gift even MORE satisfying than the feeling of receiving one! With trending store sales and smart shoppers, the task has been made even more enjoyable. Hunting for deals and comparison shopping has applied not just creativity, but also strategy, to the gifting process.

Store sales can offer ridiculously low prices this time of year. And speaking of ridiculous sales, there’s a lot that’s for sale on the Everything Summer Camp Web site for our Holiday Sale. As you browse our site, you’ll find camping gear and other camp supplies on sale, somewhere between 10% to 20% off!

Since we saw so much success with our popular ‘The More You Spend, The More You Save’ deal throughout our Black Friday Sales week, we’re bringing this deal back for our Holiday Sale. If you purchase over $100, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate, shipped along with your order. If you purchase over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. $300 will get you $30, $400 will get you $40, and so on.

Check out great deals on Everything Summer Camp’s camp chair, the Everywhere Camp Chair,The Everywhere Camp Chair is just one of the many great deals going  on for our holiday sale our top-of-the-line water bottles, and our quality raingear. You’ll also want to browse our entire Funzone category. Not only is this category full of stocking stuffers, it’s ALL on sale!

An endless list of summer camp supplies and camping gear make for great Christmas gifts. Our Holiday Sale lasts until December 16. Don’t let this holiday season pass you by without taking advantage of our awesome deals! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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