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Hey, Camp Folks!

Earlier this month, I introduced our readers to our year-round assistance in our Graphics Department, Mellina. Today, it’s my pleasure to tell you about our other helping hand whom we’re happy to have in our Graphics Department at the Everything Summer Camp print shop, Deb! Deb came onboard our team three summers ago and has continueDeb brings her high spirits and a smile to work every day! Thanks, Deb.d each year to prove her helpfulness in our printing production!

Always in good spirits with a smile on her face, Deb’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help out with our production of personalized products such as Iron-On Clothing Name Labels or Clothing Stamps, her main area of expertise is in clothing itself! We stock an abundance of blank clothing which Deb transforms into camp clothing according to the orders we receive.

Deb’s days typically begin with pulling the blank clothes she’ll need to complete the day’s orders and then she executes the actual production, applying prints to clothing by all sorts of different methods. Much of her work can be accomplished on a heat press, but her second home is in the embroidery room where she operates and oversees the production of our machines.

Along with pillowcase and laundry bag printing—not to mention her assistance in our graphics production—Deb enjoys the variety of work that life in the print shop provides her. “I’m never strictly standing at the heat press for eight hours.” She smiled. Before working at Everything Summer Camp, she was employed at the fitness center chain, Curves. And before that, she stayed at home, raising her beautiful family of three children with her husband, Don.

While her kids, Rebecca, Sara, and Jared, have not had the experience of summer camp, Deb and Don go on family camping trips about once a year which the whole family enjoys throughout the years. They’re planning a trip to Montana to visit Don’s niece as they’re a rather adventurous couple. They get out to make fun trips as much as they can; in fact, Deb and her husband met while planting trees in Bemidji, Minnesota.

In her childhood years, Deb attended Bible school which always ended with a retreat. She loved it so much, she went eight years in a row! Deb touts an indomitably good attitude and brings it to work everyday. I can say with all sincerity that I’ve never seen her in a poor mood. “Everything makes me happy,” she told me, “Except for when I get mad.”

Enjoy the camp clothing and other personalized graphics products that may have very well come from Deb’s caring hands and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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