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Hey, Creative Campers!

Summer camps are fun factories. They’re all different, but most provide their campers with somewhere between 50 and 100 activities! Some activities are an outlet for your sense of adventure while others indulge your quieter side to enjoy a simple activity that provides a creative outlet. Jewelry-Making definitely lends itself to the latter.

The art of Jewelry-Making dates back to ancient times. Jewelry artifacts have given archeologists some insight into the culture of civilizations from long ago such as the Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans. We can trace jewelry through history of ancient times to the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, the 18th Century, and beyond.Hands across the water...wearing jewelry!

Depending on the style, jewelry can either add a spark or gently complement the outfit you’re wearing. They typically consist of such valued materials as gemstones, amber, beads, shells, precious metals, and an assortment of other alternatives. Culturally, jewelry is appreciated for its beauty, sentimental meaning, status symbol, and more. Wearing jewelry makes you feel good, special even—sort of like wearing a good luck charm as you go about your day.

This list of benefits for actually MAKING pieces of jewelry, however, are much more than simply wearing it. Take a look at some of the different healthy effects jewelry-making has on us:

First of all, Jewelry-Making is an absolutely therapeutic hobby. It helps creators to unwind and zone in on this one, simple task. This hobby helps quiet the mind and gives you time to do some other less-busy things like listen to music and enjoy a cup of tea.

Assuming you have an abundance of supplies and pieces from bead shops at your disposal, there’s really no limit to the creativity you can put into your creations. Make them as unique and as beautiful as your artistic vision drives them to be!

Committing your time to a hobby is always as good for the soul as it is for the body and mind. Jewelry-Making offers your body decompression time that relaxes the mind and eliminates stress from the body. And you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction in your soul over your creations.

Social Skills
As intimate and personal as your projects may be, Jewelry-Making can be fun with the right group around too. Making jewelry with friends can give you the chance to compare designs, get advice, or simply share stories as you pass the time. It could be a great way to make friends too.

Personalized Jewelry
You’re sure to love your jewelry that much more when it bears your own creative touch. Make your jewelry YOUR jewelry when you create your own pieces! The jewelry you make is an extension of yourself so it can feel very rewarding to wear what is essentially a piece of yourself.

As good as it feels to wear your own jewelry creations, it can feel just as good to share your skills with family and friends by gifting your pieces to the loved ones in your life. And a homemade gift that’s from the heart is sure to be appreciated.

A great hobby to keep you happy and healthy, Jewelry-Making at summer camp is bound to provide you with awesome materials and people with whom you can share your creative passion! Enjoy making your jewelry pieces at camp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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