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Say Hello to John

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Hey there, Everything Summer Camp Aficionados!

Today’s blog post is a real treat—probably even more so for me than for you, devoted reader—because this post is all about me! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John. I’m the guy whose words you’ve been reading on the Everything Summer Camp Blog.John

That’s right. I’m the Writer for Everything Summer Camp. The majority of the words you read on our Web site come from me.

All of our product descriptions, blog posts, and press releases are my responsibility. I help out during the busy season in our Graphics Department too, designing and working in production of our personalized products like One-of-a-Kind Nameplates, Lid Skinz for camp trunks, and camp clothing.

I’ve had a long history of seasonal work at Everything Summer Camp going back to my high school days. I would visit family I had in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the summer and work in Boyd for Everything Summer Camp during my stay.

Having studied Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, and Journalism in college, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Writing. Now, I’m thrilled for this opportunity to represent Everything Summer Camp through my words.

I really enjoy trying to give all of our readers something good to read, whether that means my writing is fun or that it gives the reader an easy and accurate description of the product at hand and the benefits that product has to offer.

I went to writing camp when I was little and had a great time! Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of Everything Summer Camp back then. I’d love to do it all again with our products and camping gear. Sometimes I get a little jealous, writing about all these cool products that I’ve now outgrown.

Well, that’s all for today, Camp Fans! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to you so directly on today’s post.


- John
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