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Sanborn in the Rockies

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Hey, Camp People!

Among the 270-plus summer camps that we love working with here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re celebrating one in particular on the Blog today. Get a glimpse of a great boys and girls camp—featured right now! We’re shining our summer camp spotlight westward to the Rocky Mountains in the heart of Colorado where we find Camp Sanborn. Sanborn Western Camps opened back in 1948 with 480 acres and saw just four campers their first summer. Now they’ve expanded enough for more than 700 kids to explore the 6000 acres that Sanborn Western Camps that Sanborn now own. children every summer, with more than 40 states and 12 countries represented each year

The activities available to each camper are dependent on age and gender. If your daughter is 9 to 16, you can see what kind of things she’d do at the High Trails Ranch by clicking here. If you want to send your 9 to 16-year-old son to Sanborn Western Camps, you can see what activities he can do at Big Spring Ranch by clicking right here. And, lastly, if you want to give your 7 to 10-year-old the Sanborn Juniors experience, check out the activities available to them when you click here.

It’s five boys and a counselor to each permanent platform tent or yurt at Big Springs and they have modern shower houses located nearby. At High Trails, the girls live in modern cabins—each one with a pair of sleeping dorms or ‘cabinsides’. They house ten girls and two counselors and offer a full bath and a living room with a rock fireplace. The Junior boys stay in the two Big Spring bunkhouses. Each bunkhouse has two dorm rooms and bathroom facilities attached. Meanwhile, the Junior girls live in a cabin at High Trails with a full bath and a living room with a moss-rock fireplace.

Camp Sanborn continues to put in hard work to add facilities that broaden the activities they can offer. Recently added to the gamut are Technical Rock Climbing as well as Mountain Biking. You’re sure to have a great summer in the Colorado Rockies! Give them a closer look by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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