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Ride in Real Comfort!

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Hey, Riders!

We’re always adding more camping gear of all sorts to our selection here at Everything Summer Camp! Each year brings new products and fun stuff that we want our campers to have available to them. From camping gear to games and stationery, we’ve got a whole lot of the gear to help you make the most of your summer camp stay!

Horse Riding is a favorite activity among many summer campers! It’s a display of mastering the partnership between yourself and your horse. It’s a sport that works the rider’s core muscles and builds abdominal strength, as well as strength in back and pelvic muscles. It sharpens coordination as well as stability and increases focus on anticipating the motion of the horse.

In order to ride on horseback with comfort and enjoyment, shop our horse riding gear when click right here. One of our latest additions to our horseriding department is our mid-weight, mid-rise classic fit Riding Pants, the Kids Endura Classic Knee Patch Horse Riding Tight from Ovation. You’re sure to reel in awe while you ride in the total comfort of this classic-fit Jod.

The Kids Endura Classic Knee Patch Riding Tights from Ovation is made from a four-way stretch polyester and spandex called EnduraKNIT™, this Riding Tight likes to sit right at your natural waistline and provide comfort along with functionality when you’re riding!

This Neutral Beige Kids Tight wears easy with a faux closure and snap. This Tight has a mid-rise waist with washable knee patches that feature Syn-Tec™ stretch suede. Treated to resist odor-producing microbes and provide UPF 30 sun protection against 96% of long-wave light, these Riding Pants are just what you want for perfect comfort!

Ride without hindrance in this Kids Tight from Ovation and enjoy your time on horseback when you get out to summer camp! Shop the rest of our horseriding gear and, as always, thanks for riding  I mean, reading!


- John

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