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Resolution Evolution

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Hey, Camp Fans!

And then there were four. Resolutions can be hard to stick by. I’m proud of those who have stuck to theirs and wish well upon those who couldn’t keep it up. But while some of us have lost sight of our resolutions, others are doing better than ever.

Check out who’s still going strong!

Amy, who’s eating better, reported that the Easter Bunny gave her a challenge over the Sunday holiday a few weeks ago, but she’s happy to be back to healthier habits! Keep it up, Amy!

Anita made her resolution to be more mindful of her overall health. She was proud to report that her healthy habits have been in full swing and continue so as we move into May. Nice job, Anita!

Diane has been doing her best to help people out more. In April, Diane was excited to report that she’s outdone herself from last month. Awesome job, Diane!

Morgan resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college. She’s looking at a single B at this point, but the semester isn’t over yet! Keep up the good work, Morgan! You got this! The April showers are sure to bring May flowers!As for the resolutions put out for themselves by Nate and Matt, it’s not goodbye—it’s just see you later. While Matt may not feel too good about his weightwatching currently and Nate’s family time has seen a dip in the busier summer season, these guys still plan to return to these good habits as soon as they can.

Resolutions are challenging and the year is long! Don’t let the setbacks hold you back! Amy, Anita, Diane, and Morgan are doing excellent (and Bob who resolved not to change a bit has remained just the way he likes himself—the same. Good job, Bob)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019, Everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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