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Remember to Write!

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Hey, Storytellers! 

Summers are jam-packed! Especially so as the season nears the end and we all try to fit all our fun plans in as best we can before summer is officially over. Speaking of—don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your camp story with our widespread camp community, not to mention win a cool participatory prize from Everything Summer Camp! 

Throughout the month we’ve been and will continue to be taking your submissions for our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp. Get your memories and stories written down and entered or make a YouTube video and send the video link into us! Our final call is just exactly two weeks away on the last minute of August 31. 

Remember, everyone who submits gets a $20 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp. Or you may be one of the ten, random, and lucky winners! Once we have everyone’s submissions, we’ll randomly select our winners and publish each of their stories one day at a time leading up to our grand prize winner of a $300 Everything Summer Camp Gift Certificate! 

In between, we’ll have three winners of the second-place, $100 Gift Certificate prize and six winners of our third-place, $50 Gift Certificate. 

Storytelling is an extremely useful means for campers to cement all the fun memories and valuable skill sets they acquired at camp. It’s great to review the new experiences you’ve had to help yourself process and reflect on what you learned. Need help with some ideas of what to talk about? Check out the initial Contest announcement I wrote last month.  

Include your first name and your last name initial, the camp you visited, and how many summers you’ve spent at camp. Parents are more than welcome to send us their submissions based on camp from their perspective or their own camp experiences as well. 

We love getting these camp stories each year and are so excited to get a fresh new collection of stories for the season! Share your stories by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! 


- John


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