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Remember football season? It’s Ba-a-ack!

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Hey, Sports Fans!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!! We sure are here at Everything Summer Camp! It’s finally September—when the weather approaches the fall season and turns ripe, providing us with cooler temperatures and relief from the merciless summer heat. It’s perfect Is it just us at Everything Summer Camp, or is it time to get back to some football?!outside and it all means one thing’s for certain—football’s back! This time of year, in golden, autumn weather like this, it’s only right to watch some football on TV and play a game of 500 with your friends during halftime.

That’s what a Sunday afternoon in autumn is all about! The 2014 NFL, regular season kickoff, however, is not launching on a Sunday. Instead, it’s TONIGHT with the Green Bay Packers facing off against the current Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Washington. The game starts at 7:30pm Central/Standard Time.

As Wisconsinites, here at Everything Summer Camp, our team is Green BSeahawks and the Packers lining up at the scrimmage lineay. I think we’re a little nervous about starting out the season against the reigning champs, but we’re a good-lookin’ team who definitely could make this year the year we reclaim the championship and bring it back to Lambeau!

Football is football whether you’re a Packer fan, a fan of the Seahawks or if you root for any of the other 30 teams that make up the NFL. No matter who’s playing, it’s just good to see that it’s back!

So celebrate along in America’s most popular sport and join in the fandom that grows more and more every year. Football appeals to a lot of people which is good because the more people you watch it with, the more fun it is! (That’s partially why it’s so cool to actually go see a game at a stadium with a thousand other fans.) Throw a party and enjoy tonight’s game with all your football friends.

Thanks for reading!


- John


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