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Ready for Winner Number Three?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re announcing the winners to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest right here on the Blog. Come back each weekday to see who else won; it might just be you. This year, we have more prizes, more laughs, and more fun! And, now for our third $50 winner—congratulations to….

Gigi S.!

"This summer, I went to Wet ‘n Wild as part of a field trip on my birthday. The field trip was with a day camp, and it was fun! I liked the Tunnel of Terror water slide because the whole ride is in the dark and it has a big drop that makes everyone scream! I also liked the wave pool, but I kept floating away because I am not that tall. But I liked it because every single person from my camp was in the wave pool. I also liked a tan colored water slide – I can’t remember the name of it, but I liked it because it was tall and fast. I also liked how, at the end of all of the water slides, I could get a souvenir and a few slushies because the slushies were yummy flavors red and blue. I got a water timer and a mini pop-it as souvenirs, and I liked them because they were very interesting.”

Thanks for this great submission, Gigi! Sounds like you had a really fun time this summer! I’m glad you liked the Tunnel of Terror—it sounds a bit spooky! Wet n’ Wild must be a pretty great place! You must have had an absolute blast with all the fun stuff at the water park. Slushies were probably the perfect way to end a day like that!

Come back tomorrow to find out who our third $50 winner of this year’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest is! Who knows?! It might be you! If your entry is announced a winner, you’ll receive an email with the gift certificate code once all other winners have been disclosed. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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