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Read Why The Pop Up Soft Trunk Is Ed’s Favorite

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Question: If the president of Everything Summer Camp was GOING to summer camp, what would his favorite piece of camping gear or other camp supplies from Everything Summer Camp be?

If you knew what a softy Ed is, then you might have already guessed at the answer: The Pop-up Soft Trunk.

So what does Ed like so much about the Pop-up Soft Trunk? Well, while he’ll always have open PUSTan *ahem* SOFT spot for the C&N steel trunks that we manufacture here at Everything Summer Camp, the Pop-up Soft Trunk is “a great alternative for traveling campers.”

“Just because it’s a soft, collapsible trunk doesn’t make it any less suitable for a camp stay or any prolonged trip away from home. Campers can conveniently live out of the Pop-up Soft Trunk,” Ed says. And it’s incredibly true! You can easily live out of this soft trunk with nearly the same convenience of a typical steel trunk.

Built to last, the wire-framed Pop-up Soft Trunk keeps its traditional trunk shape even after it’s empty. When camp is over, the Pop-up Soft Trunk can collapse and lie flat, making for very easy storage. It’s got a plethora of pockets on the inside as well as the outside and it rolls on smooth inline skate wheels, handling any terrain your summer camp journeys will show you.

Along with his delight in the product’s practicality, Ed also feels a sense of pride in how far he’s seen this particular product come and how great it is now as he played a key role in its earlier stages of development.

But you don’t have to take Ed’s word for it. Check out the Pop-up Soft Trunk to see for yourself what a truly innovative and useful product this really is!


- John
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