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Hey, Blog Buddies!

I know that I’ve already told you about the Manager of our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Nate. How he oversees production, keeps an eye out for quality control, gets his hands dirty with product development, and stays busy in a number of other ways. But I haven’t told you about his favorite product that you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp.

For the last three years, with a knack and strong passion for product development, Nate has enjoyed his employment with Everything Summer Camp, appreciating the variety that his work creates for him.

Due especially to his passion for product development, Nate can’t quite decide which he CNLslikes better: “It’s a toss-up between our new Iron-On Clothing Name Labels and, of course, the Lid Skinz,” Nate says.

“Both are just a couple of cool products with cool design options,” he goes on to say. “You got a whole package of colors, backgrounds, and icons…they’re pretty impressive products, I think.”

On the one hand, the Iron-on Clothing Name Labels are a practical product and, for most camps, they’re a necessary product! Lots of summer camps insist that every single item that goes to camp should be labeled in some way, shape, or form. Everything Summer Camp’s Iron-on Labels make a required item fun.

lid skinzAnd on the other hand, with Lid Skinz, the possibilities are limitless! They may not be as practical as Iron-on Clothing Name Labels, but they’re a million times more decorative! These full color, vinyl decals are made to top a camp trunk. We print the giant sticker here in our facility and then cover our Lid Skinz with protective laminate making the Skinz more durable than paint!

“I guess it’s a tie,” Nate concedes. “Both are absolutely great products!”

Which do you think is better?


- John
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