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Quinn H. and the Tale of the Trees

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

We saw such a great response to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp in 2018 that we’re still going strong publishing each submission right here on the Blog in the New Year. Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them!

Today’s post comes from Quinn H. who wrote in to tell us about his summer stayA spooky story relayed by Quinn about the trees at Camp Belknap. at camp. Though he’s no stranger to camp, this summer was his first time at Camp Belknap in New Hampshire. Get a look at today’s submission about his stay:

In one of the first days of my camp experience the story of the talking trees was told to us before we ate. It was told by the camp leader, Seth. It was about how he was walking to his cabin and his flashlight ran out of battery. His world went black. There was no moon that night so when he heard a crack and whistle he was shaking in his boots. From what he heard it sounded like trees were talking to him, but because it was so dark he couldn't be sure. The next morning, Seth walked slowly back to his cabin again. He was walking down the same path as the night before and he heard the same crack and whistle and he looked up. He saw a bunch of trees with holes in them that when the wind blowed threw them it made a crack and whistle noise. After the story was over and we ate, I went back to my cabin to go to sleep and had a nightmare. In the nightmare I was Seth experiencing the same tree story he told earlier. It was a terrifying experience. After my nightmare I understood how scared Seth was in his story.

Great submission, Quinn! The ‘Talking Trees’ story sounds pretty spooky! You relayed it very well in your submission—now I’M bound to have a nightmare tonight! Camp Belknap sounds like a fun place with fun people! For anybody else interested in Camp Belknap, give it a closer look for yourself some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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