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Presenting Winner Number Four!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The end of summer’s always bittersweet, but year-after-year, we’re excited here at Everything Summer Camp to keep with our traditional ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! We saw an excellent response with your submissions this year with more stories, laughs, and good times. 

Today we have our fourth $50 winner. And that winner is…. Fiona D.! Check out her submission about her time first time away at Camp Woodland for Girls right now:


“This summer was my first summer at camp. My brother and sister have been going to camp for years and always talked about it throughout the year. During the school year, I would go to my sister's room and she would share camp stories, sing camp songs and show me photos and certificates of her accomplishments. I was eagerly waiting to go but I was also a little nervous about being away from home for six weeks. I had a wonderful summer. I made so many new friends. My favorite thing about camp were my activities. I love animals and every day I would care for the ducks. We had names for them and we fed them. We even made an obstacle course for them so they could play. I also took riding for six weeks and I’m now part of the pony club. Every day, I spent one hour with my favorite horse. I’m happy to be home but I cannot wait to go again next year and see my friends and my animals again.”


What a fun time this summer, Fiona! How impressive of you to take on six weeks away for your first season of summer camp! Camp Woodland sounds like a really great place with some fun opportunities for adventure and bonding with animals! Hope you continue to enjoy summers of fun adventures at Camp Woodland for Girls! Thanks for sharing your experience, Fiona.

If you’re interested in checking out Camp Woodland for your daughter, do it now by clicking here. Be sure to come back on Monday when we’ll continue announcing our winners and publishing your camp stories right here on the Blog! As always, thanks for reading (and writing), Boys and Girls!


 - John

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  • Woodland girls love their Horses!!! Way to show us how to be an all star camper Fiona!!!

    JoAnne Trimpe on

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