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Hello again and welcome to our new Web site. It’s very exciting to see this finally happening after all the hard work, long hours, and dedication that has gone into making this site. But at last—the wait is over! The launch day has arrived!

In the following couple of weeks we ask that you remain patient with the new site; as with any new Web site, there are sure to be bugs that we’ll need to work out. We also would like to ask you for your feedback. Please, let us know if you find anything wrong with the way the site works or if you have any complaints.

It’s been a very long road to get to this point. A road filled with endless phone conferences, sleepless nights, re-photographed products, and rewritten product write-ups.

Now that it has all come to fruition, you’ll see what amazing changes we’ve made from our last site:

First, there’s the Compare Products tool. Let’s say you’ve been going back and forth between backpacks. The Compare Products tool will let you line up the products you’re interested in and will list the features of each one so you won’t have to flip back and forth between product pages.

Another great change we’ve made to our Web site is the Wish List tool. The Wish List is essentially a digital catalog for your kids to browse and “circle” everything that they want. Now they can still come on our site and shop around without actually buying anything. The list can then be shared with whomever you want—maybe Grandma and Grandpa (hint, hint).

The “zoom” capabilities of our new site are out of this world! Check out the stitches on a duffel bag, see the fluff on a Woolrich blanket, or inspect the zipper quality on a sleeping bag to make sure like never before that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Along with many other great changes, our site now offers Paypal and Bill Me Later as new payment methods to make sure this season of summer camp shopping is easier and more convenient than ever before! We hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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